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The article opens with a set of statements that American educational achievements are slipping against world standards (but the article doesn’t explain how that’s measured or why it’s occurring). The article author then interviews four 30-something individuals who didn’t attend and/or graduate from college. Their perspectives on their current financial situations, and whether college would change those situations, were rather interesting. I also found it interesting that their attitudes about life and work and a variety of non-education issues, flavored their opinions on whether college would have been worthwhile. They also had some interesting opinions on how their current financial situation was caused by, and/or would have been helped (or not helped) by a college education. Frankly, I think their attitudes shaped their current situation far more than a college education would have. But I thought I’d share and see what the forum thought about the article, and the notions of a) whether college is necessary in today’s world and b) whether the American educational system is failing our young adults.

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  1. Post Author Liz

    I think college *is* necessary in most cases, despite what Leo says. There are too many employers who want to see that piece of paper before they give you a chance. But a degree might not matter if you fall into two categories. An entrepreneurial person may be able to develop ideas and business without ‘formal’ education. Also, someone who is outgoing and has a lot of contacts may be able to get a good paying position and break through the barrier of no degree. But the rest of us may struggle without that sheepskin to open doors for us. The trick is to get that education without mountains of debt…

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