I guess when I killed the “snake” BOA I broke the website for the account

I have been trying every day since I made the final payment to get a screen shot of it showing the account zeroed after the payment posted. (I do have one of the payment confirmation for my payday loan). No such luck it keeps saying that viewing the account is temporarily unavailable—for three days now. Yet I can log in and view my still receiving payments account with no problem.

Oh well, I guess they are like Lowe’s once you pay them off you can forget about ever viewing anything online with them again. Man, spoil all my fun, I wanted that screen shot.

Anyway, if you are paying off a BOA that if you have previously closed the account, like I had, know that chances are you will not get the satisfaction of seeing on screen the zero balance. So gather all your proof the day you pay it off before you log out, because you may never be able to log back in.