I’m sorry, but poverty is no excuse for not possessing language skills

I come from literally dirt floor, path to the bath roots—the first home I remember living in was 2 rooms, and I don’t mean bedrooms I mean two rooms and neither was a bathroom that was connected to the pigsty up the hill from the house.
My father and mother were high drop outs, her 8th grade him 10th. Dad spent part of his formative years living in a one room log cabin with a dirt floor. Besides being in the military in WWII he held only one job his entire life, with the same company for 37 years as a TEMPORARY employee. Yet later in life both Mom and Dad got their GED’s in the same month my much younger brother got his high school diploma. They all three went on to get further education. I finished a three year college course in 18 months. I’ll let you decide my language skills.
While my father was an only child my mother was the 9th of 10. Only her and her brother Kenneth ever made anything to speak of in their lives. And it was NOT handed to them. They both worked hard and asked for no hand outs from anyone. They both also found a way to get an education, neither had scholarships.
Low income is not what hurts students, it’s attitude and life choices. A student CHOSES the classes they take in school. They also choose whether or not to study, or to even attend classes for that matter. Don’t blame low income for the lack of education. My children were raised life is a series of choices and it is the CHOICES you make that will decide how your life turns out.
My children also grew up with a rainbow of friends from every race and economic strata. I could tell you at a young age which kids would get ahead in life simply by the choices they made as youths. One young man was supposedly destined for poverty the rest of his life due to his color and his social status. Oh and he was declared to be “a bit slow.” Teachers passed him on from grade to grade just to be rid of him. He finally as a high school student admitted to my dd that he couldn’t read above a first grade level. She taught him how to read that summer. He wasn’t slow, he simply hadn’t tried to read and learn until he was in high school and decided he wanted more out of life. He chose to study those last three years.
He grew confidence, and graduated far from the bottom of their class. He went on to get further education and now provides for his own family in a middle class neighborhood working a good job. He is there because he made the choice to ask my dd to teach him to read. He choose to not be a statistic. Something any person can do at any point in their life.
Just like all of us here have made the choice to be debt free. Life is a series of choices…