Once upon a time (and really not all THAT long ago

when I went through public ed in the 60s) we taught and used a Classical Education model. More than anything, the value of the classical education model was that it developed critical thinking, analytical and reasoning skills. Not that other systems are not valuable, but CEM requires work, re-work, work (and then more re-work) until one “gets it right.”

Then we decided (about the mid 70s) that our public school teachers could be more efficient when lecturing to 30-40 students at a time (after all, that’s what we do in college!) Except that our colleges presumed they were getting CEM trained students. Lecturing AT a student works to a large degree, IF the student has learned the skill of how to learn.

Along with bloated classrooms, we decided that “FEELINGS” were more important than FACTS. Just go with the flow. Melanie called this dumbing down. While that may be true, I think it really is more than we didn’t want to require mastery, because lo and behold, mastery takes WORK, and demands that you don’t move on to the next subject/class/level, until mastery has been demonstrated (yep, it may mean you get “held back.”)

Having decided that feelings matter more than fact, we then (California anyway) decided to usurp any form of real education, and replace it with social engineering. We can’t speak the words “The Catholic Church” in the same breath/sentence as California History, but we spend entire semesters on La Raza studies.

So our high schools become remedial elementary schools, and our colleges become remedial high schools. Does a 4 year degree (or voc-tech) matter? I think it does. I think at the very least it says: I cared more about myself to do something other than go with the flow.

So how does this all tie back to LNT? Well, the bloated student loan debacle is an outgrowth of our what our kids have been trained via the public ed system: I Don’t Have to Work or Pay now for college- (money or effort), I can just go with the flow (take out a loan) and “later on” I’ll put in the work/effort (if necessary.) No one is going to hold me accountable.